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Pailolo Place offers 42 condominiums in three different 1 – and 2-bedroom floor plan designs.

Prices and Availability

Building A

Unit #ModelBed/BathsPriceStatus
A-10Model B2/1$343,230Sold
A-11Model BR2/1$343,230Sold
A-12Model A1/1$282,660Sold
A-13Model AR1/1$282,660Sold
A-14Model B2/1$343,230Sold
A-15Model BR2/1$343,230Sold
A-20Model B2/1$343,230Sold
A-21Model BR2/1$343,230Sold
A-22Model A1/1$282,660Sold
A-23Model AR1/1$282,660Sold
A-24Model B2/1$411,910Sold
A-25Model BR2/1$411,910Sold

Building B

Unit #ModelBed/BathsPriceStatus
B-10Model A1/1$339,220Sold
B-11Model AR1/1$339,220Sold
B-12Model A1/1$282,660Sold
B-13Model AR1/1$282,660Sold
B-14Model A1/1$282,660Sold
B-15Model AR1/1$282,660Sold
B-16Model A1/1$339,220Sold
B-17Model AR1/1$339,220Sold
B-18Model C2/1$480,590Sold
B-20Model A1/1$339,220Sold
B-21Model AR1/1$339,220Sold
B-22Model AR1/1$339,220Sold
B-23Model AR1/1$339,220Sold
B-24Model A1/1$339,220Sold
B-25Model AR1/1$339,220Sold
B-26Model A1/1$395,780Sold
B-27Model AR1/1$395,780Sold
B-28Model C2/1$480,590Sold

Building C

Unit #ModelBed/BathsPriceStatus
C-10Model B2/1$411,910Sold
C-11Model BR2/1$411,910Sold
C-12Model A1/1$339,220Sold
C-13Model AR1/1$339,220Sold
C-14Model B2/1$411,910Sold
C-15Model BR2/1$411,910Sold
C-20Model B2/1$411,910Sold
C-21Model BR2/1$411,910Sold
C-22Model A1/1$395,780Sold
C-23Model AR1/1$395,780Sold
C-24Model B2/1$411,910Sold
C-25Model BR2/1$411,910Sold

*Prices, square footage, site map, renderings, features, amenities and availability are from sources believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed in all cases. The Final terms contained in the purchaser’s contract will prevail. Sales subject to certain housing income and eligibility requirements.